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Yeah.... Seriously I miss blogging. Oh well. It's good to be back!
I'm just going post now random thing. So let's start. :)

Finally! I've posted my first fanfiction on winglin! Please do drop by there and ready it. The title is "Privileged".

It's because my story is like Gossip Girl. My fanfic by the way is made up of Jiro Wang, Selina Ren, Mike He and Hebe Tian. They are the most talked about people on the high-society of Taipei. So that means, they are socialite. They involved in scandalous lives and their names are always in the front headline. Mostly seen with paparazzi bugging over them, or, kissing in the streets. 


Anyways, I made the poster myself. Yey! *clap clap*

that's all for now!
so long and goodbye. :*


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Untouchable (JDorama)

I've recently finished watching "Untouchable", a Japanese drama starring Nakama Yukie from Gokusen series and Kaname Jun from Atashinchi no Danshi. :) I finished this drama as fast as 3 days because normally I watch one drama in one week. So I should say I'm a bit fast in watching it. Haha! XD

Of course, I'm expecting that this drama would be good because I know Nakama Yukie will do a great job. Well I guess, she did an excellent drama together with Kaname Jun.
It's a mystery and comedy drama. Yukie plays a role of a reporter in a third-rate magazine (gossips magazine). In the drama she always say "She is working in a third-rate magazine but she's a first-rate person".

Well... it's a worth watching dramas for those who are looking for new Jdrama. It's a bit funny and you'll be curious who's "Anonymous" is. But it isn't that exciting like some Japanese mystery-drama like Bloody Monday and Liar Game.

And one thing, while I was watching the drama I always thought of Blue Lan Cheng Long from Easy Fortune Happy Life (Taiwan) when I see Kaname Jun. He do really resembles Blue Lan. Maybe because they have the same height and both of them have pointed nose. Here's some picture. Haha! :))) XD

They resemble each other right? Or it's just me who's thinking about this PS Man's Blue Lan? Hahaha! :))

Of course, in a mystery-kind of drama, there will be always a person who make us guess who's that person is. Usually, those people are someone who is close to the lead actor/actress. :) I've been tricked THREE TIMES  already because of this mystery person in different dramas! I really don't learn my lesson. Hahaha! XD


Just choose from these following characters who is that mysterious person or called "Anonymous" in this drama. :]]

Is there a love interest between characters here? *May contain SPOILERS*

Kinda... Hahahaha! It's not clearly been stated in the drama that Nakama Yukie had a past relationship to Kaname Jun. Yukie always say to Jun when they meet that he came to re-kindle their past relationship but Jun always say that they don't have a past relationship and she's not his ex-girlfriend.
Another is the cameraman Sato Tomohito. He shows some concern about Yukie and I think he fall in love with Yukie. When he's giving coffee or tea to Yukie, Yukie always say that she's not an easy girl meaning she's not going to fall for those tricks. In the end, Yukie showed some concern and affection for Sato Tomohito.

That's it! :))
Next in my watchlist are: Bump Off Lovers and The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries. I'm back to Taiwanede Dramas! :P

Currently Watching: Down With Love, PS Man, Absolute Boyfriend. :>

Favorites Websites :)

Heya! Another blog post from me. :P

I just want to share my favorite sites to everyone.. so both of us will enjoy using these sites. :))

So lets start!

First... YOUTUBE!

I really like visiting YouTube.. I think everybody knows what YouTube is. YouTube is a streaming site where you can find bunch of bunch of videos here! It's very popular in the net.. so if you don't know this site.. well.. you might be living in a cave!
Besides watching videos.. I also upload and make friends here in YT. I upload fan made videos especially Taiwanese dramas fanmade videos. I have a lots of friends here.. and some of my friends are very close to me. My YT channel is reddyasianatic20.
My bestfriends here are: 
Hi Lao Shi (Teacher in Mandarin). We have the same interest.. as you can read on her username.. she's an absolutely fan of Show Luo... like me too. She teaches me Mandarin. :)) I'm so lucky to have her! I love this girl very very much! Xie Xie Ni Cindy Lao Shi! <3
She's my current chatmate on YT! I love this girl so much! We have the same interest too... watching TDramas! And she loves Mike He.. And I love Mike He too.. we're both on the same track! HAHA! We are sending each other messages through the comment box on our channels. and sometimes.. because of long messages we send.. YT doesn't allow it. :( I love you Cynthia! xoxo

Channel Icon
I love this girl too! She's really a Fahrenheit addict like me. We usually chat on YM. and we're the same nationality... so it's not that hard expressing what you want to say with her. She likes writing fanfics.. super! Chatting with her is really really fun! Love you Ate Angie!

Some YT Channels that uploads very interesting videos:
Channel Icon
She uploads SUBBED Show Luo's videos especially 100% Entertainment videos and funny vids of Show Luo. She also uploads MV's and interviews of Show Luo.. So those Show Luo fans out there... ooST1NA002 is your savior! She's also subbing Hi My Sweetheart!

Channel Icon
She uploads random Taiwanese videos with English Subs.. like Fahrenheit vids, Jam Hsiao vids(she loves Jam Hsiao!!) and some 100% Entertainment videos. She also subs Autumn's Concerto BTS. :)

Channel Icon
She uploads and subs anything related with Hey! Girls and Lollipop! She usually uploads Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang and Wo Ai Hei Se Hui videos.. So Wang Zi, Xiao Xun, Gui Gui fans out there... check out her channel now and subscribe to her!

Channel Icon
She uploads her videos relating with ChunElla.. Her fanmade vids about ChunElla is amazing! Her vids are lovely.. CHUNELLA forever!!!
Second on my list is TWITTER!
I really love Twitter! Tweeting things around you is so addicting! At first... you find tweeting is boring. But after a while.. you wish that you can tweet what's happening to you right now and let the whole world know! It's like posting a blog... but Twitter let's you summarizes your thoughts in 140 characters. So follow me on Twitter so that you can receive updates from me.. everyday.. anytime! Twitter becomes my habit. :P

Third one is FACEBOOK!
Who doesn't know Facebook? Facebook is the current trend on the net today! See what your friends are up to and change your Status message based on what you feel or think. Get in touch with your friends through the chatting. :) And find your long long classmates here! You'll not also be bored here because it offers applications and games too! 

Fourth one is ASIANFANATICS!!
I love this site!! It gives me a doze of everything Asian News especially Taiwanese News about TCelebrities!!! The news are translated into English so that those who can't understand Chinese, Japanese and Korean may get a tidbits about their favorite Asian celebrities. This site also have forums.. so you can talk and share about what you think about one celebrity. It also has a gallery.. that uploads the latest pictures of your favorite Asian celebrities. And find friends who's the same interests as you do! BUT! To avail these features.. You MUST REGISTER FIRST... and IT'S FREE! No need to worry! So join now!

This site gives an information about Asian Dramas and about Asian Celebrities... Here, I can update what's the new drama of one actor/actress or the list of dramas acted by one actor/actress.


Dramacrazy.net gives you a tons of Asian dramas to watch! I like this site because of their subbed Japanese dramas,,, and they're fast! If you want to watch Japanese dramas and movies with subs, GO TO DRAMACRAZY.NET NOW!!!

Mysoju.com gives link where you can watch ENGLISH SUBBED DRAMAS. It's a popular site for those who watch Asian dramas online because most of all dramas can be found here.. But sometimes.. I hate watching here because it takes time to load one part of the video.

I love here in Viikii! They subbed videos too! Especially those who are currently airing in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. It's fast here but sometimes... there are problems encountered here. But be sure to download the Viikii Desktop Plug-In so that you may avoid encountering those video problems! :)

Sugoideas gives me a tons of Taiwanese Entertainment! Although.. some videos are not subbed, it uploads newest and current episodes of dramas and variety shows from Taiwan! Taiwanese fans there... visit Sugoideas now! :))

So there it goes... hope I gave you a very interesting sites to visit on! See you there on those sites!!! :))

K.O.3an Guo

Hi everyone! :)) another blog post from me! LOL. XD :P


K.O.3an Guo!! yiee! *clapclap*

I've been dying to have a post regarding this one! Maybe the "last" (not sure yet!) installment of Zhong Ji series. It's after The X Family. BIG CHANGES IN THE DRAMA: Well.. we know that in the past Zhong Ji series, Fahrenheit played the main and big roles in each series. But here, they will only play minor and small appearances especially Aaron and Calvin. Although Jiro plays a certain character here in Silver Dimension... he's not always appearing in each episodes. And another thing... Xiu who's been a minor cast in the past series became one of the main character here! Yippiie! Cheers to all DCW and Xiu fans! Include me too coz I AM SO HAPPY about it! :) Also George Hu! he's the main lead role here!

presenting my favorite part in this blog! this is the part i am rooting for! although Fahrenheit is not the main lead here... the cast are worth watching and definitely you'll love them...! oe reason why Im watching Ko3 is because its character are all-new! even though some... have counterparts on the Iron Dimension and Gold Dimension. HAVE FUN! ♥

Actor: George Hu

Yey! Guan Yu!! :)) He's one of the Wu Hu Jiang and the 2nd sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. He actually likes Diao Chan here and when he's embarassed or angry his face turns into red. :P

I personally like George Hu coz I've seen him in many dramas like RP, Hot Shot and ToGetHer. But seeing him here in Ko3 makes me fall harder into him!! He's hot here (he's always hot actually! hehe...) and cute! He's very righteous and honest. When he sees Diao Chan he's very cuuuute and Diao Chan and him makes a perfect couple! That's one of the reason why I watched Ko3. I'm very sad also when he was heartbroken. :|
But seeing him in this drama makes you can't t
ake off your head and eyes away from him!!!

Actor: Chen de Xiu from Dong Cheng Wei ♥

He's my favorite character in this series!!!! He's the main reason why I'm watching this series!!! Okay... later I'll talk about it. :P

XIU(Iron Dimension):

Hmm.. this is a quite tough explanation. :P Xiu from Iron Dimension travels on the Silver Dimension with Da Dong, Xiao Yu and Ya Se. He replaces his alternate-self Liu Bei and acted as Liu Bei in Silver Dimension just to retain the order in Silver Dimension. As he stay longer in Silver Dimension... he developed a strong friendship between Liu Bei's sworn brothers and Wu Hu Jiang and he falls for Ah Xiang.
You can say that he's very intelligent here because Silver Dimension's standard
of education is very low. :P

LIU BEI(Silver Dimension):
Liu Bei comes from a royal family but he's blood type is O. Haha. :)) He's also the eldest sworn brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. He became a sworn brother just to use Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's powers to become the most powerful in Silver Dimension.
Right after Liu Bei finished his vow...a gigantic rock rolls down to him from the mountain which was caused by Da Dong's coin. They decided to bring Liu Bei in Gold Dimension to heal his wounds.

Time to make comments! hahahaha! :))) Im very well pleased that Xiu remains in the Silver Dimension to act as Liu Bei. I just can't imagine seeing Xiu being bad! Ko3's story starts here. I feel Xiu really plays a big and important role here. Im very happy to know that he's not playing a supporting role and he falls in love for REAL unlike in The X-Family where he kept his feelings for Han. I really really really love Xiu in the first place. When I saw him in The X-Family I'm very attracted to him already!
He makes my head spins and heart beats very fast while
I'm watching every episode. That's why Im just super deeply rooted in this drama. For real! It's like my day is not complete if I don't see him nor watch this drama.

Actor: Lin Bo Yan

Zhang Fei is part of the Wu Hu Jiang and third/youngest sworn brothers of Guan Yu and Liu Bei.
Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are childhood friends. He's the only one knows the real identity of Xiu and the first one to meet Da Dong, Ya Se and Xiao Yu. Xiu always rely on Zhang Fei when it comes to making up stories or lies just to protect Xiu's real identity. :)
I love Zhang Fei's attitude and his sense of friendship to
all Wu Hu Jiang especially his sworn brothers. He always say to Xiu that even his not the real Liu Bei, he will always be their oldest brother and nobody can change that fact. That makes so sweet of Zhang Fei. He's really funny when he's covering up lies for Xiu. He even said that the "Wu La Ba Ha" (which was the magic spell or command use in Iron Dimension to control their Yi Neng Powers) is a foul word(because Xiu used his Yi Neng in Silver Dimension to save Wu Hu Jiang). :P

Actor: Lee Shao Xiang

Ma Chao is one of Wu Hu Jiang. Her mother is the author of the famous book "Harry Potter and the Kung Fu Prince" (even the Harry Potter book have its parody! Haha!). Well, you can say that Ma Chao came from a good family. :)) Ma Chao have a best friend, he's one of the Wu Hu Jiang too. :P Later you'll know who he is! Hahaha!!

My personal comments about him: I LOVE MA CHAO!!! He's cute and funny! He also have the looks! If I will choose who's my favorite in Wu Hu Jiang (exclude for George Hu coz he's close to my heart! :D), he's my favorite! I started loving him in episode 2 when the Wu Hu Jiang is finally complete and they have to enter the 8 Doors Golden Lock Formation and there's a part there that Ma Chao and Zhang Fei have to sing a rap about Ma Chao's mom to pass that stage. I saw Ma Chao's funny side and cute side! :P Because when he first appeared in Ko3, he looks so serious and arrogant.
To cut it short... I LOVE Ma Chao because he's funny
and cute! Ma Chao all the way!!!

Actor: Luo Hong Zheng

Huang Zhong is part pf the Wu Hu Jiang and He's the best friend of Ma Chao (there you go! I told you I'm going to mention it!). He doesn't have a family so he consider Ma Chao as his family. But after he met and become a Wu Hu Jiang member, he gained a lot of friends and he considered themselves as a family! Actually you can feel that bond and family ties when you are watching Ko3. You can feel that inside and outside the camera, they really have a friendship going. :P I like Huang Zhong too. Even thoughin KO3 he's not that really a talkative person, but he's funny too! and he's hot!!! His posture is HOT! The way he stand, the way he moves, the way he dressed up... everything!!! :))

Actor: Benji

Zhao Yn is part of the Wu Hu Jiang too. And he's very strong too. The thing for him is that every girls who looks in his eyes fall in love with him so badly and after Zhao Yun remove his eyes from the eyes of the girls, the girls heart is like broken-hearted. :) If you'll think about it, that was super exaggerating. Haha! But that's really funny too. He's not that funny but he;s HOT too! Especially when he removed the black thingee on his head, he's definitely hot! Even though I dont feel him that much (coz you know I'm rooting for a funny and cute guy... :P) he's cute and hot especially when he's blushing because of Xiao Qiao.

Actor: Nylon Chen

Cap Cao is the President of the Student Body in East Han Academy. and he's acting like the leader of Wu Hu Jiang. Well.. Xiu said he's going to be bad later on... I still don't know yet. But maybe he's going to be a villain here. He also like Xiao Qiao. :))

Actress: Kirsten/Kimi Ren

First of all... SHE'S SELINA's YOUNGER SISTER. That's true. It's clarified. So don't be shocked anymore. :P Diao Chan is cute! and the fact that she's Selina's sister... I loved her right away! Coz you know I love S.H.E too! I love her and Guan Yu! :)

Actress: Cai Yi Zhen/Wu Xiong

3 boys fall in love with her.. can you believe it? Haha! Yeah... 3 boys are in love with her. ;P Cao Can and Zhao Yun to name some... :) She's the bestfriend of Diao Chan. Well... she have a crush on Zhao Yun too. :)) She's funny here too. She is often called "Crow's Mouth" because whenever she says something bad it always happens.

Actress: Pets Ceng

Yay! Ah Xiang!! To tell you honestly.. before... I really hate Pets Ceng! I can't accept that he is Xiu's love interest in the drama! Coz I'm Xiu-Han fan. and I think Pets Ceng was so ugly before. But when I started watching KO3.... I LOVE HER NOW!!! I love Xiu and Ah Xiang couple! But still... Im a Xiu-Han fan! I really like her voice and she's very intelligent here too. Love her voice when she sings! To wrap it up... I LOVE AH XIANG! ♥


So that's it! :)) If you want to watch Ko3an Guo, here's the link:

Episode 1-32:

Episode 33-38:

Episode 39- present:

****DISCLAIMER: I can't find a site that subs up-to-current episode for Ko3 and subs all the previous episodes. But if you know a site that subs KO3.. PLEASE TELL ME! coz I want it. I can't understand Chinese. :)) Thanks!

Episode 1-11:
CREDITS TO: dolphinsr4eva

I wish you enjoyed my blog post! Until next time! :) ♥

Top 10 Hottest Guy in My Heart! <33

Hey everyone!! I'm here to present to you the TOP 10 HOTTEST GUYS IN MY LIFE. Haha. Most of them are Taiwanese actors. Just see and enjoy their "hottest" pictures!

10. Wang Zi

Wang Zi is part of a boy group in Taiwan called "Lollipop". He is also an actor. He acted in many dramas like "Brown Sugar Macchiato", "The Kissed Again" and his latest drama "The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalry". Although I've never watched any of his dramas (except They Kissed Again but I can't remember if I saw him there. ;D ) I think he's so cute and handsome. For me, he looks like Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit when you first saw him because of his hair. :)

9. Joe Cheng

Joe Cheng is very popular in Taiwan. He acted in many popular dramas alongside with Ariel Lin such as "It Started With A Kiss", its sequel "They Kissed Again" and "Love or Bread". He also acted in "Nine Ball" together with his good friend Danson Tang. I like him a lot in this photo. He looks HOT in that picture. I liked him because of his dramas. He and Ariel Lin looks so cute and they both have a chemistry. :)

8. Jae Hee

Jae Hee is a Korean actor who acted in popular Korean funny dramas like "Three Dads With One Mommy", "Witch YooHee" (Witch Amusement), and "Delightful Girl Choon Hyang". I like him much in "Three Dads With One Mommy" because of his funny character and his handsomeness in that drama. :)

7. Haruma Miura

Haruma Miura is a Japanese actor who acted in famous JaDrama "Gokusen" but he acted only in the season three of that famous JaDrama. I watched him in "Gokusen 3" in GMA and he called my attention for having a blond highlight in his hair. It attracted me so much because of his hair and his cuteness and funny actions. :)

6. Show Luo/Alan Luo/Xiao Zhu

Show Luo is a famous actor, singer, dancer and host in Taiwanese Entertainmnet Industry. He started in Showbiz career when he was 18 years old and first belong to a boy group. Later on, he left the group and started to work solo in showbiz. He is very popular MandoPop singer in Taiwan and in Asia. He is also known as the "Dancing King In Asia" because of his good dancing skills. He also acted in Taiwanese dramas like "Corner With Love" with his good friend Barbie Xu and "Hot Shot" with Jerry Yan, Coco Jiang, Wu Chun and Zhou Cai Shi. He is also a host in a popular entertainment show "100% Entertainment" with his bestfriend Xiao Gui. I liked him because he is so talented and he has a great sense of humor. I'm always laughing when I watch "100% Entertainment" because of his funny english skills and their reaction together with Xiao Gui. I really really like him because of that. :)) He's so hot, handsome, cute, talented and funny! THE BEST! :D

5. Danson Tang

Danson Tang is a popular Taiwanese actor and singer. He acted in popular drama like "Hanazakarino Kimitachihe" (Hana Kimi), "KO One", "The X-Family", "They Kissed Again" and "Rolling Love". He is the bestfriend of Jiro Wang. They became close when they acted in the same drama KO One. Jiro's mom likes him so much. He started his singing career in late 2007 and sang songs for different dramas like "Be Strong, Geum Soon", "The X-Family" and "Rolling Love". I liked him because his so handsome and cool. I like also the way he sings and act. I also like his fashion styles. Very cool. And he's so vain! Haha! That's why I really like him! :D

4. Wu Chun

Wu Chun is part of the very famous and popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit. He was first seen in the drama "Tokyo Juliet" alongside with Ariel Lin. Before he became an actor, he is part of the National Team of Brunei. Among the Fahrenheit members, Chun is the only one who is non-Taiwanese member of the group. He is very rich. His family owns a business in Brunei. He also have his own Fitness Zone and he was the part-owner of their family hotel in Brunei. He also acted in popular dramas like "Hanazakarino Kimitachihe" (Hana Kimi) along with his senior Ella, his co-band member Jiro Wang and Danson Tang; "Romantic Princess" and "Hot Shot". He also have a movie with Twin member Ah Sa called "Butterfly Lovers" and he have a new movie called "14 Blades". I liked him because of his hot body and handsomeness. I liked him more because of their tandem with Ella. The tandem is called "ChunElla". I admit, many people said that Chun is the most handsome in Fahrenheit. Well, I guess I have to accept it. He's worth for the title. :))

3. Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan is part of the popular Taiwanese boy band called Fahrenheit. He is known for his cuteness and he is the youngest member of Fahrenheit. He acted in Taiwanese dramas like "KO One", "The X-Family", "It Started With A Kiss", "They Kissed Again" and "Pi Li MIT" together with ex-member of Hey! Girl Gui Gui, Lu Ting Wei, Xiao Gui and Christine Fan. I liked him more when I watched "Pi Li MIT" because Gui Gui and Yan tandem is so cute!! I liked him because of his cuteness(it's irresistable!), hotness and he's good at singing. I'm a GuiLun fan as well. Haha! :D

2. Mike He

Mike He is a popular Taiwanese actor and model. He became popular because of his hot body (which I agree to it!) and his acting skills. He acted in some Taiwanese dramas like "Devil Beside You", "Why Why Love" starring Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang; "Marry Me" starring Queena Liu; "Calling Big Star" starring Twin member Ah Sa and my favorite "Bull Fighting" starring Hebe Tian of S.H.E. and Lee Wei. Mike, Joe Cheng and Ethan Ruan were very good friends(group of hot people..haha!). Before, I see Mike as an "okay" guy for me. But when I watched "Bull Fighting" with Hebe Tian...My God. Mike there is extremely super hot!! Hebe and Mike tandem is so absolutely adorable!! Hebe and Mike both have a chemistry. That's why until now, I like Mike He and I realized how hot he is!! Also, I'm a MiBe fan too. haha. XD

and last but not the least...

1. Jiro Wang

Yeah! Jiro Wang is member of a very popular Taiwanese boy band called Fahrenheit. He first seen in commercial ads before he enter the entertainment industry. He became popular because of his first lead role in "KO One" and its sequel "The X-Family". He also starred in a popular drama "Hanazakarino Kimitachihe"(Hana Kimi) together with his fellow band member Wu Chun, his senior Ella Chen and his bestfriend Danson Tang. He also acted in "It Started With A Kiss" and it sequel "They Kissed Again"; "Rolling Love" with Danson Tang and Genie Zhou and his latest drama "ToGetHer" with Rainie Yang and George Hu. I liked him a lot because of his personality, his handsomeness, his over extremely hot body(over acting XD), his acting skills, when he sings... I think all of him. Haha!! But for me and in my heart although people might criticize him, He'll be the only one hottest and coolest guy in my heart!! :))